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"But Why Am I Still Struggling To

Sell My Products And Find New Customers?"

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Normally you’re the one that everyone comes to for advice when they get stuck Isn’t it?

All your life you’ve been the go-getter. You’re a perfectionist, If they need it done, they came to you. You loved being busy and it made you happy.

Fast-forward 10-years and your still everyone’s “go to” but this time it’s different. You’re always tired. You're starting projects but you can’t seem to finish anything. But worst of all, nothing seems to give you any joy.

For years you wanted to start your own business but how can you when you're satisfying everyone else’s needs but your own.


High achievers like you need clarity, strategy and accountability that will hold their hand and keep them focused until they have finished what they started .

You're at a place where the perfection that used to serve you no longer does. You are DONE with giving your best to others

and now you want permission to focus on your needs. It's your time to shine.


I need clarity. What used to work me for no longer does.

I give my best to everyone but myself. I'm ready to change that.

Being a perfectionist used to work for me, now it's working against me.

My fear of failure is costing me everything and I'm tired of it

“Over 200 professionals have transformed their businesses and increased their sales by getting clarity on what serves and no longer serves them.

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Coaching Is A Game-Changer For Busy Professionals Who Want To Start Their Own Business While Raising A Family and Working A Full-Time Job.

Coaching Helps You...

Starting Your Own Business Doesn't Mean That You Have to Go it Alone!

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Get The E-Course That's Changing The Way Professionals Sell

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"Finally! A Sales Course For Introverts Like Me."

-Arnila Roy, Founder and CEO of Aduitor

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"I wasn’t being myself and I hate feeling fake. Desmond’s E-Course gave me permission to double-down on my strengths as an introvert.

-Anthony Padilla, Program Director


I feel empowered. I am very introverted. This course provided real sales strategies that even I can use. This is a gamechanger

-Denine, IT Project Manager


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